"We all have choices in life. Are you struggling with grief or another type of loss in life that has you feeling lost, frustrated, depressed, tired and mentally exhausted? Loss of a loved one, Loss of a relationship, Loss of your Identity, Loss of Love, Loss of connection with your teenager?  Do you lay in bed staring at the ceiling wondering how you ended up here and if this is it? Do you ask yourself, "What is the point to even get out of bed in the morning"? Do you feel alone on your journey and the people you thought you could count on have disappeared? Do you reminisce about the dreams you once had for yourself and your family. Do you feel GUILTY because the expectations you had for your PLAN A failed?  Now you feel trapped, stuck and hopeless by your life situation which is keeping you imprisoned in the darkness?
 You have to realize that you have a choice and the first step is to start asking 
yourself a better question.
What could this mean?
What could this be calling me to do?
What do I want now?
You have 3 choices...
"Wherever you are in your journey of life, you always have a choice to move forward.
"Are you willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to make that happen?" Richard Pryor
Or wake up years later with regrets and asking yourself.
"I wish I met the person this life challenge was calling me to become"
A long list of negative emotions attack the mind, body, and soul after losing a child or a loved one. Author Richard Pryor shares his story and his way back to happiness in his book Warriors of Life.

Losing a loved one, especially a child can be one of life's most traumatic events. Fortunately, local author and successful life coach Richard Pryor is addressing this painful topic in the most genuine, caring, and truthful way in his new book Warriors of Life. The book details how to overcome depression, annihilate stress, face grief head on, and move through it to the other side in actionable steps that can help any reader who is struggling on their journey of grief. Few cover the topic in the way Pryor approaches it as being a “warrior” and learning how to return to that kind of expansive and progressive mindset that can help mend the body, mind, and soul in the pursuit of being happy again.

According to the author, “Going through a series of very large losses—culminating with the loss of my son—taught me some of the most important lessons about myself, humanity, and the world. Warriors of Life allowed me to harness the resources that helped me climb out of the darkest hole of life by reassembling my shattered life and presenting it to my audience in a systematic way.”

Warriors of Life, published on December 16, 2018, by Ontario, Canada's Black Card Books, reveals practical strategies developed by Pryor in relentlessly pushing through overwhelming grief, loss of purpose, and a plethora of uncontrolled emotions, with the undeniable pursuit to begin living a life of love, purpose, and productivity again, all while paying respect to the memory of the lost loved one. Many (or most) of this knowledge isn't necessarily intuitive, which makes Warriors of Life very valuable, since it delivers methods, strategies, and tips that a reader isn’t likely to develop themselves or come across elsewhere.

Richard Pryor previously was the head of a successful IT consulting company, after coming from a more blue-collar, working-class background and being raised in Revere, MA, a small New England city near Boston.
He has also developed a reputation as a skilled life coach and now, with Warriors of Life, as an author. It is his mission to serve people from all walks of life and to help them with the challenges that are keeping them from moving forward in all aspects of life. 
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